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I'm Dani. I'm 18 and I'm a girl.

I belong in Gryffindor.
I like Dr. Who.
I love Star Wars. I'm from the Rebel Alliance. Rock N' Roll is my religion.
- Some of my favorite bands are: Queen.The Beatles.Weezer & more.
You might find some random stuff in my blog. PS: Weezer is life.


Weezer — “Island in the Sun”

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#Weezer Facts: 

  • This song is an homage to all the young ladies who were hitting up Weezer’s married frontman Rivers Cuomo on Twitter. He explained to Spin magazine: “‘Smart Girls’ - the song was originally ‘Hot Girls,’ about how frustrating it is to have all these amazingly hot girls tweeting at me and it just felt so frustrating because I’m not in that life stage anymore where I can do anything about it. So I wrote this song ‘Hot Girls.’ It ultimately ended up feeling - I don’t know, too macho or something? So we just changed it to “Smart Girls” and every other lyric stayed the same, like a really cheesy song about girls. But just changing that one word makes it really different and interesting.
    It actually reminds me of that song ‘Back in the USSR' by the Beatles, because everything about that song is like a really cheesy, early Beach Boys type of song, except they changed the setting. And it becomes cool.
    So that’s the lesson, I think, is just to keep revising, keep working until you’re satisfied that it’s totally cool. If there’s any little voice bothering you, like, something about this isn’t cool, something about this isn’t right, that means there’s something yet to be discovered, so keep pushing.”
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The Moon sets behind the temple of Poseidon at Sounio 

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Weezer “Go Away” Live Acoustic at Fingerprints

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"He was cute; he was vulnerable; he had glasses. Really cool glasses. His hair was unfortunate; his features were delicate; in his videos, he could never quite hold eye contact with the camera. He wore sweaters a lot, and he sang about wearing the sweaters; he was a sweater-wearing dude, that Rivers Cuomo. He sang at you on the radio. He loved you, more desperately than anyone ever had, or would."
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"When I was down you came to me, and promised you’d always be by my side now you’re gone, and I’m waiting patiently."
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Also earlier this week I finally got Weezer ink


Also earlier this week I finally got Weezer ink

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Lazy record store employee


Lazy record store employee

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